Our Story

Easy Breezy makes the creamiest, healthiest and yummiest frozen yogurt, custard and vegan soft-serve in the world! We are a woman-owned and operated local business.

We use only the best ingredients, and are committed to quality from start to finish. Visit us and enjoy a healthy and delicious meal alternative, a great dessert or after-school treat. And we make our stuff from scratch!

We start with premium bases of yogurt, cashew milk, coconut milk, oat milk and custards. Then we blend in premium ingredients of the highest quality to create both traditional and innovative flavors. We use organic ingredients as much as possible, and make Easy Breezy fresh every couple hours.

Easy Breezy offers you healthy and nutritional choices. All our flavors are crafted by hand with a deep commitment to fresh and premium ingredients, and always serving the real deal.

Flavor favorites include Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Custard, Original Tart, Banana Creme Pie, Vietnamese Coffee, Sweet Chai O’ Mine, Mango Lassi, Citrus Hibiscus, Totally Taro, Oaxaca Chili Chocolate, Lemon Custard, Hella Nutella, Salty Dog Caramel, Busta Limes….the list just goes on and on.

We carefully pick our ingredients to ensure the best quality. Our dairy commits to conscientious and sustainable farming, raising happy hormone-free cows and making great products.

We offer locally-produced and organic options as much as possible. We care deeply about our planet, and zero waste practices are deployed across every aspect of operations.

Here at Easy Breezy, you can ALWAYS expect great service with a smile. Easy Breezy is a neighborhood gathering place — a place where families and friends of all ages can spend quality time together.

We are a slice of nostalgic Americana in the neighborhood. Our stores are inspired by the classic Midwestern shake shacks where communities come together over frozen treats and good times. Our shops have a very warm, inviting, “old-timey” feeling.

From the moment you walk in, you are engaged in the Easy Breezy experience. The vibe is a combination of excellent customer service, consistently fresh and delicious product, open layout, and quality product. All packaging and serving items are compostable, recyclable and sustainable.